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, well above estimates, carrying a lot of political fuel with election day just five days away. good morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl caquintanilla with melissa lee and david faber. not just the 171,000 for the month but positive revisions we'll talk about in a moment. a busy day in europe as well as we start to talk more about the big events that will happen with the eurozone, both central banks and the greek government that starts next week. >>> our road map starts with the jobs number that beats even the highest expectation on the street. 171,000 is the number with another 84,000 in revisions higher for the past two months. unemployment ticks up to 7.9% as the participation rate rises. is the number really as good as it looks? >> the death toll from sandy now stands at 94 as more than 3 million homes still without power now facing colder weather, gas lines stretch for miles and controversy surrounding new york's decision to hold the marathon this sunday. >>> the ipad mini on sale but lines are shorter than expected. we're live at apple stores for the reaction.
slow, gradual growth. november is always a unique month, especially with the election going on. i think there's been an exceptional amount of mud slinging going on in this particular election, once we get past the election, we think things are going to return to some semblance of normalcy and the economic factors are positive. >> kurt mcneil, the vp of u.s. sales for general motors in detroit. we were talking with kurt and you saw it flash at the bottom of the screen, october sales from toyota, an increase of 15.8%. that was substantially below the estimate out on the street which was calling for an increase of at least 24%. so those are the latest numbers for october. >> the dow's up 132, let's get a market flash. >> for the most part doing well, same store sales and it is warning for his third quarter, the action sports retailer saying that things are very slow in europe, at least they didn't blame sandy. >> more of the same, mayor bloomberg says the new york city marathon will go ahead on sunday, barely six days after hurricane sapdy. that's the right decision from the mayor, the pre
. a jobs number on friday. the last one before presidential elections. a week from tomorrow. we're going to get through this period of uncertainty given the storm. there's a lot in front of us. it's not just about weather. >> q-4 revenue below consensus from companies that make donkeys that go up and down. a weak quarter domestically. not really able to buck that. a lot of people feel that they could be in play. armstrong world disappointing quarter. that's a surprise. a lot of people would like a housing play. there's a lot to that company. and then burger king. which comes out and burger king some people would say before currency they had good numbers. systemwide sales at 3.9%. mcdonald's is weak. we would love to dive deeper into that quarter. >> burger king and red robin managed to get quarters out. >> i have not eaten at a red robin. >> shocked to hear that. really. they brought stuff to the set here many times. >> it's my bad. i had them bring the truck here to try it. shortly i recommended stock and bingo. takeover bid. >> burger king is an interesting story. let's not forget rece
over this crisis. and that's going to be an important thing with days to come until the election. people are talking about how sandy will affect the election, and that is one of the major things people are talking about this morning, guys. back to you. >> kayla tausche, thanks so much. talk about moving all these various calendar dates. there's also, i mean, as kayla mention, some talk whether or not the elections could possibly be moved. constitutionally it can be moved but whether or not that is going to happen is a whole other story. >> all i heard was executive order to move -- >> halloween. >> words i never thought i would hear. >> think of all the children across the country rejoicing, and adults for that matter. and adults. >> we had a lot of businesses report a good quarter. european business news rather extraordinary. >> deutsche bank. >> when was the last time europe helped us? here we go. >> except we're not open. >> i know that our futures or whatever they were trading off of, looking at some of the data points, bp gave you a boost from dividends. that was terrific. 4
the election. more to come as the day just gets going. >> let's get more on today's trade. let's bring in art cashin. art, curious to see what you're seeing right now in terms of what is unusual today whether it be good or bad. >> first of all, the opening looks like it went peacefully enough and peaceful is good. i think that the various phone vendors continue to have some problems. there were cell phone outages and internet connectivity problems and that probably is holding volume down a bit. i think some of the clients not because of here but because of their phone service are having difficulty getting access in. we have opening out of the way for the end of the month. next big deal is going to be who plays at the close. >> in terms of the connectivity issues carrying into friday's session, if they do, we have the jobs report out on friday. how could the trades be if these issues are not resolved by then? >> i think clients and the brokers are working steadily on it to see if they can find ways to improve those connectivity issues. we are set up here to trade any way they want. they just g
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5